How it works

Student Loan 911 & Student Loan Relief Group offers manageable ways to repay your federal loans simply by consolidating all of your loans into one lump sum, thus overall lowering your payment. Student Loan Relief Group has extensive experience in the financial service business. Consolidating your student loan is very similar to refinancing a mortgage, and is available for most federal loans. Borrowers can choose from multiple payment methods, which results to meeting the monthly payment that you can afford. There are many different avenues to take to reach this goal for you. The plans that are offered are made to be flexible to meet the changing and different needs of borrowers.

Our main goal is to make your monthly payment reasonable for you the borrower to afford. Defaulting on your federal loans can affect you in many ways. Such as increasing the interest rate, losing financial benefits, credit score, withholding of your federal income tax return, and finally wage garnishment.